Workshop Facilitation

We deliver: Clear Direction; Strong Consensus; Solid Momentum


Experiences with: High Engagement; Practical Tools; Fresh Insights

Facilitation Coaching

You’ll get: More Confidence; Keen Insights; Re-usable Approach

Better Solutions to Big Issues through Facilitation

Finding powerful solutions to complex problems through facilitation 
requires engaging the right people, setting well-defined goals, and leading with creativity and objectivity. 
It's the hard work we do with organizations every day.


1 of 45 Certified Master Facilitators Worldwide


Over 35 Years of Experience


Over 200 High-stakes Facilitation Workshops


Over 75 Organizations Served

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

"Mike is extraordinarily good at facilitating strategic dialog among executives and related stakeholders in an organization. The more misaligned their objectives, the more effective Mike becomes. "

Andy H. (Workshop Client)

"Michael's work facilitating our group offered a fluid yet structured process that built group consensus quickly; and inspired creativity from the most challenging places."

Anna R. (Workshop Participant)

"We struggled for years to get everyone on the same page until Resonance showed up and showed us how to get real consensus on big issues. "

Eric H. (Coaching and Workshop Client)

"I have been to many strategic planning meetings and yours for NBVME was the most productive and enjoyable by far. "

Lila M. (Workshop Participant)

"Michael is visionary in his strategic planning and facilitation work. He is skilled both in the art of business as well as in the realm of personal relations."

Patty G. (Workshop Client)

"The success achieved by Michael at the session I attended convinced me that he was the person I was seeking for a strategic planning session our Council held in May of this year, regardless of the additional expense incurred by bringing him from the United States to Canada."

Sandy M. (Workshop Participant and Workshop Client)