When integrated into a carefully crafted process provides insight and tools that can be learned, used and reapplied time and time again.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Resonance LLC

Feedback from Training, Coaching and Workshop participants

Michael is not only a phenomenal coach but a trusted partner throughout the process. He methodically, yet quickly, learns your world and the problem to solve. He not only crafts the facilitation strategies but thinks through and equips you with every detail.

He doesn’t work in a silo but in partnership so that you can replicate these methods again and again. His attentive planning and intentionality showcases how much he cares about his craft and about your success!
The meeting designs/facilitation coaching in which I’ve engaged Michael’s help have not only been some of the most productive from an output perspective, but from a personal growth and leadership perspective as well. I would highly recommend Michael as a facilitation coach – but only if we keep this secret weapon between us!
-Kelley M. Sorrow, Coaching Client

Andy Hepburn

Mike is extraordinarily good at facilitating strategic dialog among executives and related stakeholders in an organization. 

The more misaligned their objectives, the more effective Mike becomes. He also has a tremendous ability to synthesize large quantities of disparate information and contribute it back to clients in the form of paradigm-shifting insights. Highly recommended!

- Andy Hepburn, Workshop Client

Patty Glenn

Michael is visionary in his strategic planning and facilitation work. He is skilled both in the art of business as well as in the realm of personal relations. 

 Michael's skills allow him to help organizations address unrealized or unforeseen challenges as he moves them through the process. Hands down the best group facilitator and strategic planner I have seen, and trust me I have seen a few!

- Patty Glenn, Workshop Client

Anna Robertson

We have all had "colorful" experiences with taking time as a staff to develop a mission statement and strategic plan. 

These words alone send many running for the hills! However, Michael's work facilitating our group offered a fluid yet structured process that built group consensus quickly; and inspired creativity from the most challenging places. We left our work with Michael with a solid mission and strategic plan that was concrete enough to carry out but general enough to accommodate multiple perspectives.

- Anna Robertson, Workshop Participant

Jacque Plair Rushin

Knowledge, expertise, and commitment are the trademarks of competent business consultants and Mike demonstrates a high degree of proficiency in each of these areas. 

I have worked with him on several intiatives since 2003 and, in each engagement, he assisted in the design and delivery of solid and consistent solutions that were were uniquely tailored to drive attainment of stated business goals. Perhaps the latter is his greatest quality: the ability to quickly grasp the uniqueness of multiple industry trends and apply solutions specific to them.

- Jacque Plair Rushin, Workshop Participant

Sandy Mahon

I had the good fortune of attending a strategic planning session facilitated by Michael for The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards in St. Louis, MO in July 2013. 

I was immediately impressed by Michael’s expertise in guiding the board through the various steps of the process and by his depth of knowledge in strategic planning. Michael’s personable style kept everybody on task and he easily met timelines established at the beginning of the session.

The success achieved by Michael at the session I attended convinced me that he was the person I was seeking for a strategic planning session our Council held in May of this year, regardless of the additional expense incurred by bringing him from the United States to Canada.

In our discussions leading up to our strategic planning meeting I was very impressed by the manner in which he established the steps and timelines we would achieve in our preparations and by the depth of his research into the function of our Council and the issues we face.

The session Michael facilitated for us fulfilled all my expectations and our Council members later expressed their complete satisfaction with the results he helped us achieve and also by the manner in which he conducted the meeting.

- Sandy Mahon, Workshop Participant and Workshop Client