When integrated into a carefully crafted process provides insight and tools that can be learned, used and reapplied time and time again.

Employing the “Resonance Approach” to Facilitation

Better Solutions to Big Issues through Facilitation

Better Solutions to Big Issues through Facilitation

Finding powerful solutions to complex problems through facilitation requires engaging the right people, setting well-defined goals, and leading with creativity and objectivity. It's the hard work we do with organizations every day.

In over 15 years of doing this work, our clients tell us the same thing about our approach over and over again…It’s one of the best they’ve seen because:

  • We do our homework
  • We respond to the dynamics in the room
  • We keep the energy, consensus and momentum very high

It’s the Resonance Approach and it works

"One of the unexpected benefits from working with Resonance was being able to use the very same decision making tools in other projects at work... and even in my homeowners association meetings. They really work!"

- Vendor Selection, Workshop Participant