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How do you choose a workshop facilitator?

In the fragmented marketplace of workshop facilitators, it can be very hard to know who to choose to lead your team through the next “high stakes” discussion your organization needs right now.  

And make no mistake, it has a huge impact.

You want to make sure you’re not poised to throw away a bunch of money – or squander the opportunity to have this specific conversation with your team. You may only have one shot at this.

Choosing your next meeting / workshop facilitator

1. Look for professional certifications. 
There are two that define the current ‘body of knowledge’ in workshop facilitation. 
Find someone certified in one/both of these and your confidence should go WAY up that they’ve studied the craft and embrace a proven methodology.

“Certified Professional Facilitator” (CPF) from the IAF is a good entry level certification. There are hundreds world-wide, which narrows the search field quite a bit.

“Certified Master Facilitator” (CMF) from INIFAC is the clear “gold standard”. There are less than 2 dozen of these in the world. No kidding. In the world.

2. Ensure you’ve got great chemistry with whomever you choose. 
You’ll be working closely with them for several weeks or months at a time. 
Work with someone you can connect with.

You’ll be putting a lot on the line with them. 
Work with someone you can trust to help you meet your goals.

Net – Find someone you can feel VERY comfortable sharing all the stuff you’d like to see improved and someone you feel is CLEARY a proven expert in helping clients achieve those same ends.

If any of this resonates with you, please let me know. I’d love to chat.