Every ‘master’ needs a light saber…

I had one of the most enjoyable experiences of my facilitation career this week and thought that this group of fellow Certified Master Facilitators in particular would appreciate it.  

I was facilitating a small (7 person) workshop over the last two days and during the introductions, my client said to me, “I’ve got a gift for you…”

He then shared the story of the conversation he had with his 6 year old son the night before, when he asked his dad what he was going to be doing the next day…

Dad: “I’m going to be in a workshop that will be led by a certified MASTER facilitator.” 
Son: “A MASTER???? REALLY???” 
Dad: “yep” 
Son: “Like a JEDI MASTER???” 
Dad: (beginning to chuckle) “I supposed so, yeah…” 
Son: “Do you think he has a light saber?” 
Dad: (really trying not to lose it at this point…) “I’m not sure, son…probably not…” 
Son: “Daddy, would you please give him one of mine? EVERY Jedi master needs a light saber”

At which time his dad, my client, presented me with the light saber you see attached.

At the end of the session, I told him that, in spite of how touched I was by the gesture, I REALLY didn’t want to take his son’s toy.

To which he replied…

“Michael, two things: 1) He really, really wants you to have it. He thinks that the whole “master” thing is just off the charts cool… And 2) we’ve got so many of these around the house I keep tripping over them. PLEASE take one!”

I can NOT stop smiling whenever I see it.

I am sure this will become part of my kit box going forward.

How could it not?

I hope you all have a great weekend.

And may the force be with you!


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